Going Guangzhou

I'm down to my last week here, and though I'm still quite sad to be leaving (mainly due to the prospect of packing 😭), I'm more and more looking forward to coming home, being with my family, leaving the cockroaches in our dorm, and not having to worry about language barriers when going out. I imagine that I'll find going on vacations within the United States to be infinitely easier this summer, and have a newfound appreciation for cockroach control in my house 😅.But I decided that I should have one last excursion before the end of the semester, and so I planned a trip to Guangzhou in the Guangdong Province of China. Guangzhou is the third largest city in China, behind Beijing and Shanghai, and since it's only an hour by train from the border, I decided to put my 10 year Chinese visa to one more use before leaving. Unfortunately, I couldn't convince anyone to come with me since they all had tests and studying to worry about, but I didn't want to let that …

My Birthday Abroad!

My birthday was on Wednesday, and one thing that I thought about pretty often before coming to Macau was how I would be spending it. More than that, I was always wondering what my life at that time would be like. "Past me" was thinking about my birthday as some sort of checkpoint in my time abroad; it's near the end of the semester, so will I be busy with work? Will I have a lot of friends? Would they want to travel somewhere with me
to celebrate? How will I feel, knowing that my flight back home is a couple weeks away?

 Well it's about that time now. In terms of work, I don't have much. Classes have ended, I just finished my last paper, and I only have two finals. The next couple of weeks is the examination period, so I'm planning on going Guangzhou and/or Hong Kong during the time. While I have so many good friends from the study abroad group and a few local friends, I'm afraid that I might have to travel alone again since everyone else seems to be far b…

What's in My Shopping Cart? (or maybe not)

One of the most surprisingly interesting things to see when you are in a completely different place than what you're used to is going to their supermarkets. Yeah, I'm not joking, this is what I'm talking about this week. But it really is interesting to see what are popular items among the general population and get an opportunity to see things that you'd never otherwise see in a normal store. Yeah, the supermarkets carry a lot of what one would call "normal" grocery items: butter, cereal, juice, etc. But just how many of you have seen this kind of stuff in your local supermarket?

Durian Maybe you've encountered this fruit before, but it's no lie that it's pretty popular here, for whatever reason. If you've never heard of durian before, it smells... like, really bad. And when there is a table with 100 of them just sitting there, you are simply assaulted by the horrible smell of sewage. I haven't tasted it, but people say it tastes like chic…

International Food Festival

These past few days have been pretty jammed packed with running around, carrying heavy things, and cooking! The University of Macau's Open Day is a day where hundreds of people come to campus for tours, activities, lectures, and a bunch of other stuff. One of the other stuff is the International Food Festival, and a bunch of the exchange students and
foreign full time students take part. We formed teams, bought ingredients, and had to make a lot of food in order to get people to vote for us as the best. I decided to form a group with Natasha and Vanessa, but since they are local students and not American, we got some pretty confused people. But we did it anyway, cuz friends.
 I decided on making mac and cheese, due to the fact that it's simple and I don't know how to cook, let alone for hundreds of people. BUT. I didn't want to make boring mac and cheese, instead, I decided to make Sausage and Pepper Mac and Cheese, and they get capital letters because it's epic. I…